New York Dealer Book of Registry Police Book Software

New York Book of Registry Police Book Software

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New York DMV Approves Genesys Systems Police Book
Software as a Legal Book of Registry For New York Car Dealers.

April 2, 2013 - Genesys Systems Inc., which offers computerized Police Book Software specifically designed for dealers, today announced it has received approval from the New York DMV to bring affordable software technology and access to New York Dealers. Genesys Systems Inc., currently provides dealers in several states with Book of Registry (aka Police Book) Software. Genesys also offers Lot Management DMS systems and other technology products. Under the approval, Genesys will market its Trademarked software called New York Police Book. Genesys will be able to accelerate and automate the record keeping process and the dealers will receive special pricing on the program.

About Genesys:
Founded in 1985, Genesys has provided low-cost, professional, P/C based systems and software to auto dealerships for Police Books, Lot Management DMS, F&I, Internet Advertising, Customer Tracking, Forms Printing, Leasing, Web Sites, and more. Genesys provides for dealerships nationwide.

In 2000, Genesys invented the Electronic Police Book and has since become the only supplier of Certified Police Book Software in several states. Dealers using the program will have a huge reduction in their record keeping time while maintaining complete compliance with the law. New York State Law dictates the features and functionality that the software must have. Genesys is the first and only vendor in the 10 plus years since the law was written to go through New York DMV approval, get certified, and launch their product. Additional information regarding New York Police Book is available at or the company website at

Ted Cooper, the Founder of Genesys said, "We're excited and proud to have our Police Book Software Certified and Approved by the State of New York. Finally someone can bring the 12,000 New York Dealers into the 21st. century while saving them time, money, compliance fines, and provide them with much more accuracy and effiiciancy. There are a lot of additional value added features in our software that dealers will just love. In our 28 years in business, we've been very careful to focus on the things we do best, and this is one of them."


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